Interviewing Naked

My PR lady emailed and said that an east coast radio station wanted to have me back on air to talk about my third novel. This was particularly cool because I remembered the guy doing the interview had actually read my other novels prior to asking me questions about them on air.

We agreed on the time and date and I put it on my calendar.

The fateful morning arrived and I double-checked my email to make sure I had the time right. I did, but my very nice PR lady had forgotten to factor in the time zone difference.

That’s not me. Nor is it my shower.

So…I was just finishing up my shower when I heard my cell phone vibrating on the sink. I hurried out of the mist and checked the number. The unfamiliar area code sure seemed east coasty.

I debated for a second, but it’s not like they were going to call back at a more convenient time. So I answered it…au naturel.

At some point I think I did wrap myself in a towel. But for the most part, I spent the next five to ten minutes talking to thousands of people in the nude.

The takeaway here?

Conventional wisdom claims that if you’re nervous about talking in front of a crowd, you should picture your audience naked. I can now tell you from personal experience that having them picture you naked works too.

What about you? Any embarrassing situations you’d like to share? (For today at least, clothing is optional…)

3 thoughts on “Interviewing Naked

  1. I come from a conservative family (and also a Conservative one, but that’s a different story) and so did the gal I wanted to marry. We met at a Southern Baptist conference center in the foothills of the Rockies, and after the summer ended, she returned to Arizona (where she was a teacher) and I stayed on at the conference center. Her folks attend a missions conference and I’d made arrangements to talk to her dad on the morning they were due to leave. I intended to ask him for her hand in marriage, and I think they sort of knew that was coming.

    At that time, I worked from 7 – 3 on Tues / Wed, 3 – 11 on Thursday, and 11 – 7 (overnight) on Friday and Saturday. Checkout was on Sunday morning. I’d just gone to bed at 7:30 am (which I thought of as my Saturday night). I awoke to a knock 30 minutes later. I blearily opened the door in my boxers and there her father stood. “Hi, John, hope I didn’t wake you. We’re planning to take off to fly back to American Samoa, but I heard you wanted to talk with me about something.”

    And that’s how I asked for Linda’s hand in marriage while standing outside my door in my underwear.

    (Epilogue: We celebrate our 27th anniversary this December.)

    • What that showed me was that a) my future father-in-law was very patient and genuinely interested in what I had to say, even when I was in my worst condition and not eloquent with my delivery, and b) he has a phenomenal sense of humor. I’ve heard so many people complain about their in-laws – I adore mine. They are exceedingly cool, and have welcomed me into their family as a son rather than resenting me as an interloper. I have the coolest inlaws in the world, and a very blessed man.

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