Tis The (flu) Season…

I’m a natural-born skeptic. So when my lovely wife first demanded I open my mouth like a baby birdie waiting for a worm, then dumped these slightly sweet crystals under my tongue, I wondered if she were trying to poison me for the life insurance.

The actual reason? I was coming down with the flu. She’d heard about this stuff called Oscillococcinum, ostensibly the #1 flu remedy in France and tried it herself. We repeated this procedure three times, roughly 30 minutes apart.

Later, she asked how I was feeling and my brilliant response was: “Oh, fine. I guess I wasn’t really that sick.”

I’ll admit, that was a wee bit stupid on my part.

I have since witnessed these little tubes of diluted duck liver work small miracles on every kind of flu symptom. The best evidence was on a camping trip a few years ago. My son’s scout leader was clearly feeling awful. The temperature in the woods had climbed to about 102, the scout leader’s was even higher. I offered him a few doses of “Oscillo” and he agreed (he was stranded in woods, feeling miserable, what choice did he have?). Later that afternoon, he was back from the Near Dead. He was not turning cartwheels or leading cheers, but he was able to function like a normal human being. He went to the doctor the next day and realized he was battling strep throat.

If you’ve ever experienced a bout of Streptococcus, you know how rotten it makes you feel.

Now according to Wikipedia: “There is no scientific evidence that Oscillococcinum has any effect beyond placebo.”

Granted, I’m no scientist. But I have personally rid myself of flu symptoms a half-dozen times. It works on my kids, who have no idea what a placebo is. And I’ve talked to a dozen or so others who have experienced similar results.

Bottom line: If you feel the onset of flu symptoms, isn’t it worth about three dollars to not feel like crap? Placebo or not?

I certainly think so.

Have any remedies or oddball treatments you’d like to share?

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