Election Day, Before and After

A cyber-friend asked my thoughts just prior to the election. Here was my reply:

My Grown Up Election Day Wish…

I would encourage folks to be involved, but avoid becoming enamored. Don’t buy the hype. Neither of these guys will save you; neither will single-handedly ruin your life. Remember what the Veggies taught us—God is indeed bigger than the bogeyman.

Oh, and resist the urge to turn people you disagree with into bogeymen.

Pull the lever, absolutely. Engage prayerfully, mindfully, with equal parts caution and confidence. Understand the issues, but maintain some perspective. Remember to value people more than systems.

If, after all of that, you simply MUST persist with a warlike mentality…do us all a favor and pretend you’re on a football team instead of living out some bogus assassin’s creed. Fight for every yard, but fight fair. Remember that the guys with other jerseys care just as much. They bleed the same red, white, and blue as the guys on your team. (And sometimes players change teams too.) Ultimately, the one who knitted us all together in our mother’s wombs, will have to stitch things up after the final whistle blows. Don’t make things any messier than they have to be.

Hokey, but true, the golden rule applies…even during election season. And when you distill it down to its noun/verb essence, you get: Treat people.


Now that the election is over?

Take a deep breath…

If your guys lost, your life is not over. You survived the last four years (and all the years before that), most of you will survive the next four. The sky is not falling; it’s right where God left it. If your guys won, all your problems will not suddenly disappear. And even if they do, I doubt it will be because of an executive order or the direct result of some congressional mandate.

Whining helps nothing and no one. Gloating is obnoxious. (Healthy debate is fine, but let’s give it a week or two.)

Expect loads of rhetoric, finger pointing, and name-calling in the wake of this election. Then do your best to avoid all that. People are still more important than political systems or agendas.

I mentioned the golden rule above. As usual, the rigors of our election have robbed it of its natural sheen. Our best response, regardless of affiliations, is to roll up our sleeves and work on polishing our little corner of it.

Peace (seriously),


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