My mother used to implore me to eat my vegetables. Instead, I would hide them under the rim of my plate and try to sneak out of the house before she cleared the dishes (so, not only was I a junior con artist, but a little sexist as well!).

For the last 4 months, I am averaging 1.2587 juices per day.

Disclaimer one: My very smart and uber-lovely wife made me drink (mostly) carrot juice years ago and I did NOT like it. But at least I didn’t try to hide it and sneak away either.

Disclaimer two: I got excited about juicing BEFORE I saw Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. Still, you should see it. A very well done film.

Disclaimer three: That 1.2587 number above is totally made up. I am, however, averaging between 1.0 and 1.5 juices per day. Yes, sometimes I go back for more!

Bold statement of fact: Fresh juice, done well, tastes really, really good. So good, in fact, that even my kids are into it now. (Who knows what else they may be hiding? Or where?)

Here’s my usual recipe:
-12 carrots
-4 giant apples
-healthy chunk of ginger
-1/2 good-sized beet
-2 lemons
-huge wads of kale or chard

Can you imagine how long it would take to sit down and eat all that colorful food? Or how bad your jaws would hurt after?

The results of my tasty, new-found habit are these:

-I feel better. Seriously. My hands (some kind of pre-arthritis condition, I fear) rarely hurt any more. I sleep better. My bowels are happy. And psychologically, having juiced in the morning makes it WAY easier to skip the pastries when I drive-thru Dunkin’ Donuts for a medium coffee with cream.

-My taste buds are happy. Fresh juice tastes really darn good.

-It’s not terribly expensive (the initial investment for your preferred juicing machine can be…but we grow as much of the food as possible and buy the rest in bulk).

-It’s obviously very healthy.

To recap: There is zero downside. Your cells…AND your mother will like you better too.

Idiots (scarlet-naped genus)


Note: This is neither of the rednecks in question.

I know it’s rude to call people names. But the truth hurts. And sometimes you need to call them like you see them.

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling the last few months. And typically what I find is that people are pretty much people, whether you’re at a truck stop in Missouri or some trendy restaurant in Atlanta. However, if you happened to be at O’Charley’s in West Knoxville on a recent Wednesday evening, you too could have overheard the ridiculous conversation at the table next to mine.

It appeared to be a double date. Each of the four appeared to be around 30 years old, give or take a few either way. Old enough to have outgrown the words spilling out of their respective pie

holes. (Wednesday night is free pie night at O’Charley’s)

The conversation ping-ponged between two related topics:

1) Each member taking turns bragging about the various drinking establishments they’d been thrown out of, and…

2) One of the guys repeating that he was in the mood to have a fist fight. Instead of discouraging their table-mate, the other three argued about where they could go to accomplish this feat.

Not that it matters much, but this all happened in the nicest part of a pretty nice city.

Far be it from me to judge how others spend their time, talents, resources, or energy. But I don’t have to stretch the limits of my imagination very hard to picture this same foursome as the kind of folk who toss spent cigarette butts out car windows or decide to drive themselves home after a few too many.

If it looks, acts, smells, talks, drives, (and fights) like an idiot…

I’ll be honest, I was really sort of hoping the two guys would square off there in the restaurant and beat each other senseless. Getting arrested would surely sober them up before their eventual drive home.

Plus, they’d all have another place to brag about getting kicked out of.

EC Technology iPhone case

EC-Technology-Handmade-Book-Style-Case-for-iPhone-5-picture-6 I don’t like wallets. And I tend to cram too many things into my money clip. So when I saw a friend’s iPhone case that doubled as a money clip, I was instantly enamored.

My search brought me to Amazon and EC Technology.

A few tidbits worthy of note:

-It shipped very quickly. No expediting and it still arrived in two days.
-The packaging reflects amazing attention to detail. (I still have the box it came in on my desk because it just looks so cool.)

41L9LcJ3IrL._SY300_-It holds my license, credit cards, and cash neatly into compartments
-Everything on the iPhone still works (doesn’t block the camera, can still adjust the volume, speakers and input jacks are all in the clear).
-Oh, and it has that delicious leathery smell.

That’s it.

Customer service is so rare these days that it’s nice to be able to point to some people who do it right.41iwphKdq8L._SY300_

Walrus Audio Voyager

voyager_flat2When it comes to tech-speak, I’m illiterate. However, I know what I like when I step on a metallic switch and my guitar tone gets appreciably better.

This pedal does exactly that.

First, I don’t know whether (or not) this is a respectable clone of the infamous Klon.

Secondly, I don’t care.

(At least not yet. Maybe one day I’ll try the legendary K-pedal and my life too will be forever changed…filled with unicorns and pastries and guilt-free naps.)

There is a pronounced mid-hump to this little magic box–an almost exaggerated increase that seems a tad abrasive in the bedroom. However (and more importantly), it sits deliciously well in the mix with a full band.

The Gain and Tone knobs are usable throughout the dial. And the volume boost on this pedal is insane…a good reminder to set the knobs with your ears, not your eyes. I have to keep the Volume at or below 9 o’clock to achieve unity gain.

As far as stacking, it currently follows my RC Booster and BB Preamp, feeding a Timmy. But it sounds good everywhere. Really.

For those who care, the pedal looks great too.

Lots to love about this pedal. And I do.

The BEST THING about the folks at Walrus Audio? They seem to have a big heart, always giving back.

My typical settings:

Vol. – 9 o’clock

Tone – Noonish, depending

Gain – 2:30 (but it sounds fantastic any/everywhere)