Walrus Audio Voyager

voyager_flat2When it comes to tech-speak, I’m illiterate. However, I know what I like when I step on a metallic switch and my guitar tone gets appreciably better.

This pedal does exactly that.

First, I don’t know whether (or not) this is a respectable clone of the infamous Klon.

Secondly, I don’t care.

(At least not yet. Maybe one day I’ll try the legendary K-pedal and my life too will be forever changed…filled with unicorns and pastries and guilt-free naps.)

There is a pronounced mid-hump to this little magic box–an almost exaggerated increase that seems a tad abrasive in the bedroom. However (and more importantly), it sits deliciously well in the mix with a full band.

The Gain and Tone knobs are usable throughout the dial. And the volume boost on this pedal is insane…a good reminder to set the knobs with your ears, not your eyes. I have to keep the Volume at or below 9 o’clock to achieve unity gain.

As far as stacking, it currently follows my RC Booster and BB Preamp, feeding a Timmy. But it sounds good everywhere. Really.

For those who care, the pedal looks great too.

Lots to love about this pedal. And I do.

The BEST THING about the folks at Walrus Audio? They seem to have a big heart, always giving back.

My typical settings:

Vol. – 9 o’clock

Tone – Noonish, depending

Gain – 2:30 (but it sounds fantastic any/everywhere)

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