Diamond Compressor

I used to use (read: overuse) compression. In fact, about a hundred years ago I was heavy user (abuser?) of the MXR Dyna Comp. All through my college days I deployed some flavor-of-the-month rack-mount compressor. In a word, my tone was “squishy.”

These days I don’t really need the super squashed tones, although I do still have my beloved Dyna Comp tucked away in a drawer in case Earth, Wind, & Fire comes calling.

I suppose the word for this pedalcompressor_top is “transparent.”

Although an apt description, it still sounds funny to me. Why pay a couple hundred bucks for something that is either “see through” or “barely even noticeable?”

All I can say is, “hearing is believing.”

Trust me, I get the argument too against “always on” pedals Why not just set your amp for the “always on” tone you desire and leave it at that?

Compression…tastefully applied…gives my tone the right kind of sparkle and evenness that simply plugging into an amp does not.

Plus, none of my amps have a compression knob. And sometimes I just want a little more.

What I REALLY find helpful is the Diamond Comp’s ability to make quick adjustments on the fly. If the sound guy asks me to turn down (funny, he never asks me to turn up), I can adjust the Output knob right there at my feet. Same with subtle tone adjustments.

To sum up, I cannot explain with any technical acuity exactly what, why, or how this pedal makes my tone so much better. All I can do is claim that it does.

If you’re in the market for a compressor pedal, add this one to the demo list. It just might help you avoid having a V-8 Moment over a pedal purchase.

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