This pedal is so cool I’ve owned it twice. Okay…so…I sold my first one to fund a POG2, then traded back.

The Electro-Harmonix Micro POG is described as a polyphonic octave generator. What this actually means is that you can dial as much (or as little, or even none) of the micro-pogfollowing:

a) Your guitar’s dry signal.

b) Notes one octave higher than the ones you’re playing.

c) Notes one octave below the ones you’re playing.

d) Any combination of the the three.

Does it sound a little “wonky” or “affected?” Sure. But somehow it manages to do so in a very musical way…especially in the mix (and coupled with a smidge of modulation and/or delay).

With it, you can generate a believable 12-string guitar, some pretty cool organ sounds (more church organ than jazz organ), and cover a wide & imaginative expanse of sonic territory by clicking a pedal.

I also have an EHX SuperEgo, which has an effects loop. They combination here (along with some kind of modulation, reverb, and/or delay) can turn your guitar signal into a moody little orchestral synthesizer.

Really good advice? Use it tastefully.

Even better advice? Use it sparingly.

But do use it. Very cool pedal.

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