Timmy Pedal

RGS-PC-TMY-2What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Not much, it turns out.

Yes, it’s amazing.

Yes, it’s “transparent.”

Yes, it gives you “more” of what your amp is already producing.

Yes, the price/quality ratio provides a tremendous value. I paid $119 + tax for brand new.

My two favorite settings (although it sounds great all over the dials…)

a) Bass/Treble – 1 O’clock – Gain around 11 – Volume around Noon

b) Bass/Treble – all the way down – Gain around 9 – Volume to taste

It is without a doubt the best “stacking” pedal I’ve ever played. It gets along famously with every other pedal on my board, all three amps, and every pickup on every guitar I own.

And yes…even after all that, I can say without too much hesitation that it is indeed possible to live without a Timmy. It’s just way more fun to live with it. Of all the overdrive pedals I’ve owned (which is exactly “too many”), this the one I like best.

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