Writing Again

I got the itch again. So I started getting up early again to poke around on my trusty Mac and see if writing might still be fun. Turns out, it kinda is. The plan is to write every day because that’s where the good stuff starts to accumulate. But I have a job that I really like and a family that I like even better…so we’ll see how it goes.

I did have a couple of flash pieces accepted (click the Stories tab for more info) and The First Line is publishing a short story of mine called Eye Of The Beholder in their forthcoming issue. I’m pretty excited about that. As well, I have have several dozen other pieces out in circulation. So I might have the privilege of updating the Stories tab again soon. If not, no worries. I learned a long time ago that the actual writing is the best part. So I can keep doing that whether anyone else wants to read along or not (although I hope a few people do…)

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