Cal Newport Is Smarter Than Everybody

Not really, but he is smart and I liked that title, so I’m keeping it.

I own at least four Cal Newport books (I think he’s published five). I own hardcovers of both Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You  (also both of them on Kindle and audio book). I even get his newsletter…and I don’t sign up for newsletters. But again, because he’s smarter than everyone else, he only sends newsletters when he feels like he has something to say, NOT at regular intervals to “build his brand,” and never to try and sell me anything. See? Smart.

I won’t try to summarize his teachings here, but rather highlight a few of the ones I like

  • Every second you spend on social media is exponential time wasted that could be used to build rare and valuable skills.
  • Rare and valuable skills are what knowledge workers use to leverage better vocational circumstances (aka, money, benefits, promotions, new jobs, etc.)
  • Learning hard things begins with mastering the underlying concepts. It ends with absorbing the material to the point you could teach it to others.
  • Mastery precedes passion. If everyone followed their passion the world would be filled with guitarists, actors, and volleyball players. But if you take the time to get really good at something, passion will follow. It always does. Think about it…you have an affinity for all the things you’re already good at.

That is just scratching the surface. Buy his books, seek him out online (it’s hard; he’s not everywhere hawking his stuff, but hard is good, right?), and learn something. He really is that smart.

Click here for bio, photo, books, etc.


One thought on “Cal Newport Is Smarter Than Everybody

  1. Michael, so glad to see you writing again. Hope it will continue into 2017 and possibly even culminate in another novel. For now, let me reprimand you for making me add so many new books by Cal Newport and Benjamin Percy to my wish list.

    Happy New Year!

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