Podcasts work great for me when either exercising or making short car trips. My day job finds me commuting between airports and hotels and podcasts are a nice way to pass the time.

Here are a few I’ve been into lately…

Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell’s newish podcast. Great content and the production value is stellar.

This American Life – Ira Glass. Quality.

Homecoming – High quality radio drama. Only two episodes so far, but this one seems way promising.

Crimetown – A true crime documentary-style show that will feature criminal activity in a single city per season. Season one is Providence, RI. Only two episodes in, but this one is done really well.

Guitarwank – Definitely R-rated. Scott Henderson is the best teacher I’ve had (although he doesn’t remember me) and an amazing player. Bruce Forman is wise and hilarious and a brilliant player in his own right. And Troy MacCubbin tries to keep them on track (and I’ve never heard him play…).

The Art Of Manliness – I avoided this one for a long time because I didn’t really like the title. But I was wrong. Brett McKay

A few others…Serial, Criminal, Scriptnotes, StoryGrid Podcast, The New Yorker: Fiction, Reply All, Here’s The Thing, RadioLab



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