Cam Card app

camcard_iconTypically, I’m the last to know.

I am not a techie, not even close. More like tech-neutral. I own a Mac and an iPhone (but never the latest version). I can navigate apps and iTunes and the occasional software update with relative ease. I suppose the best example to describe my interfaceability is my relationship with DVR. For starters, I didn’t know we had it until we had to return a defective receiver to Dish Network. I’ll admit to feeling a twinge of geeked-out thrill when I realized we would soon be able to record TV shows or football games or just whatever, then watch them at my leisure…sans commercials! But alas, the receiver arrived and I installed and have yet to even crack the manual to figure out how to DVR actually works.

I suppose that lands me somewhere south of tech-curious.

The truth is, when I do finally sit down in front of the TV for any length of time, I actually LIKE the commercial breaks. As a Tennessee Titans fan, oftentimes the commercials are the most entertaining part of my TV experience. Plus, I feel guilty if I don’t get up and move around. (Yes, I’ve seen Wall-E!)

All of which brings me to this iPhone app (and others I may “review” from time to time). I have been shocked to learn that I utilize a helpful app that most of my colleagues have yet to discover In fact, they kind of marvel when they see it (which, of course, fills my insides with heaps of unearned pride…as if I designed the app myself instead of having downloaded it for free).

It’s called CamCard.

And when someone hands me a business card, all I have to do is open the app, tap on the “Take Photo” icon, and aim. Once I position the phone correctly, the app will snap a photo for me (don’t even have to click the fake shutter). And voila…the app reads and deciphers the business card and drops it into my iPhone contacts for me. And it does a much more thorough job than I normally do, accurately capturing the company name, address, job title, even the fax numbers!

It’s not perfect, of course. Sometimes the script on the card makes a line or two of data read like gobbledygook. So occasionally I have to go in and clean something up. Still…it’s way more accurate and speedy than if I had to start from scratch.

As of this writing, there is a free version (what I use) and a more professional $6.99 version (which is actually on sale for $2.99 for a limited time).