My Name Is Russell Fink (Harper Collins/Zondervan, 2008, Read Chapter 1 HERE)

Return Policy (Harper Collins/Zondervan, 2010)

A Stand-Up Guy (Harper Collins/Zondervan, 2011)


Short Stories

Eye Of The Beholder (The First Line, Winter 2016, Vol. 18, Issue 4)

All Healed Up (Relief Journal, selected as Editor’s Choice)

My Name Is Russell Fink (InFuze Magazine, best of stories and poetry)


Flash Fiction

Untitled, (Nanoism, 11/29/17)

Untitled, (Vestal Review, forthcoming print edition)

The Abominable (100 Word Story, 2/20/17)

Rubber Humans (Everyday Fiction, 5/8/17)

Major Award (Toasted Cheese, March 2017, Issue 17:1)

Fame (Shotgun Honey, 4/6/17)

Wedding Photos (Story Shack, forthcoming)

Simply Digable (101 Words, 2/16/17)

If Wishes Were Horses (Every Day Fiction, 2/2/17)

Class Clown (Foliate Oak, February 2017 Issue)

What Remains (Cease, Cows, 1/12/17)

Achilles And That Damned Heel (Cicatrix Publishing, 3/25/17)

Casting Doubt (In Four Movements) (Greater Sum, forthcoming issue)

Tommy And Me (Greater Sum, forthcoming issue)

When A Man Loves A Cookie (Funny In 500, 2/27/17)

Auld Lang Syne (Every Day Fiction, 1/3/17))

She’ll Be Home For Christmas (Every Day Fiction, 12/24/16)

Fisitcuffs (Lit.Cat, 11/24/16)

Normal People (Relief Journal, reprinted at The Burnside Writer’s Collective)


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